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The P36C Chrome Shelving Post can be used as a support for many wire shelving units. Plated in Chrome for a smooth finish and extra strength with combined durability, the P36C encompasses long-life with long-lasting effect. Assembly is quick for ease of use.

  • 16 Gauge Carbon Steel
  • Post Finish - Chrome
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Heavy duty Dividable Grid Containers are intended for use in industrial, commercial, electronic and health care industries for storage, assembly, fabrication and distribution applications. These containers offer the safest and most efficient method for compartmentalizing and protecting small to medium sized parts. Multi-purpose stack-only Containers can be divided into compartments on 1.25" centers with easy-to-add length and width dividers.

Available in Blue, Red, Gray and Clear.

Optional Length Dividers sold separately

Optional Width Dividers sold separately

Optional Covers sold separately