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21" x 54" Gray Epoxy Wire Shelving Unit with 4 Shelves

Available in 54", 63", 74", 86" Heights.

Maximum load capacity 800 lbs. per shelf.

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Gray Epoxy Wire Shelving Details

Gray Epoxy Wire Shelving System features an advanced Gray Epoxy Finish, meticulously electrostatically applied to zinc phosphate-treated carbon steel. This durable surface incorporates an antimicrobial agent, effectively preventing bacterial buildup and ensuring a cleaner storage solution.

Boasting an impressive 15-year warranty against rust and corrosion, our Gray Epoxy Wire Shelving System is perfect for damp or humid environments. It's a popular choice for food service and cooler applications, delivering reliable performance under challenging conditions.

We maintain an extensive inventory of Gray Epoxy Shelves, posts, and accessories, ensuring prompt shipping for your convenience.

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2154EP Load Capacity

Gray epoxy wire shelving can support up to a maximum of 800 lbs. per shelf, evenly spread across the shelf.

2154EP Warranty Details

2154EP comes with a 15 Year Limited Warranty